Saturday, August 1, 2009

Loading TestStudio

I've tried to head into the comparison of TestStand and TestStudio with an open mind, be objective, filter out my biases. However, TestStudio has made this hard to do. Before I do a side-by-side comparison, I plan on learning a little about TestStudio.

We received and I loaded the TestStudio software along with some driver software for the hardware we were going to use. Once I began to explore TestStudio I looked in the help file for a Getting Started section, which I found. It was found to be lacking. It had short sentences like “Create One Library tree” but it had no links to how to accomplish this and no descriptions on how to do this. I searched around and figured this step out eventually, I'm pretty sure. But then the next sentence had the same shortcomings, short, to the point, with no "how" to do anything.

I decided to do it the good old fashion way, trial and error. Choose actions from the menu or right-click and choose actions from the list. I found how to create a step for an annoying “beep”...always fun. However, since TestStudio is browser based, I received a script error. I could not find the options menu item in the TestStudio browser, so I went to my Internet Explorer (IE) and Internet options to turn on scripting. Our IT department, in a fit of control and paranoia, had set no scripting and made it where ordinary users could not change it. While I'm not an ordinary user, I'm not going to do anything to my work computer that would get me in give myself admin privs.

Luckily the “beep” node went in and worked in spite of the script error. Accomplishment! I decided to try attaching a node to a DLL. I got the same script error, along with a “Teradyne TestStudio DLL addin has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” message and an error pop up message with only a large red X, no text.

I gave up for the moment and was going to try to talk to the Teradyne guys to get some set up help. So I went back to work, fired up TestStand and immediately got a “Could not start” error. It worked last week, I loaded TestStudio, and now it doesn't work.

I had flashbacks to the Microsoft browser wars of the 90's when IE would cripple other browsers. I'm going to continue to learn, continue to try things, and try to continue to have an open mind.

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