Saturday, September 12, 2009

TestStudio vs. TestStand

I've been trying to learn about the Teradyne test sequencing product TestStudio. I wanted to compare it with NI's TestStand.

I'm going to say now that there is no comparison, it's not ready. TestStudio locks up so often that it's hard to focus on anything except the problems.

The main problem we're having is when we try to connect DLLs compiled by LabWindows CVI. About every third node (Test Step) that was set up to attach to a DLL would hangup TestStudio. The easier hangups only required TestStudio to be kill (via task manager) and restarted. Occasionally the PC would have to be reboot to continue working in TestStudio.

The Teradyne eknowledge site (the on-line help) was almost non-existent. I'm told by Teradyne that issues submitted by a company can only be see by people from that company. That means people can't see any product problems, issues, fixes, or comments . However, when we entered a problem in there on-line case tracking system, I did very quickly get a call to talk about it. Unfortunately I typically got excuses and that fixes we going to be in up coming versions.

My overall impression on TestStudio is that it's not ready. It's as if its an immature product only tested in on very specific uses. Quality control on the product seems to be left up to the user. The problem is that it's been around since about 2001 and a lot of these kinks should have been worked out.

Bottom line is that if you have a choice, go with TestStand. In my opinon TestStudio is not ready.