Friday, October 10, 2008

CVI Rules!

And LabVIEW Drools. It had to be said.

I finally got away from doing documentation and processes for a day, so I was able to do some fun stuff...Technical work. I'm currently working on a Test Station Self Test. Some parts of the Self Test are done in LabVIEW, partially because others did those parts with LabVIEW, partially because I broke down and wrote some LabVIEW code.

Well, I'm updating all the LabVIEW code to fit it into TestStand for the Self Test. It's frustrating, hard to find the vi's I need and it does things for me...I'm not sure what...that I don't think I want it to. For example, I opened one of the vi's to see the picture on one of the DAQmx self test vi it contained (in order to find it's equivalent for NI Sync) with out changing a thing. When I closed the vi, with no changes, it asked me if I wanted to save. I didn't change anything! What was different where it needed to change?

As I was working in LabVIEW, it took quite a while to update the code, but I was learning. I was figuring out what the microscopic pictures were on the vi's, although I still have no idea why they chose the pictures they did for some of them. Things were moving along smoothly with only a low constant pain in my wrist. I was finally done with the LabVIEW part.

Then I needed to develop some CVI instrument wrappers. And BAM! They were done! The text based code just flowed from my finger tips. I plugged it into TestStand and BAM BAM! It worked...first try! And I wasn't even entirely sure how the RF Signal Generator worked. Compared to the struggle I had getting the LabVIEW stuff out, it was a breeze. It was like night and day! It was slicker than deer guts on a door knob! (A good old southern saying)

All I could say was CVI Rules! and LabVIEW drools!